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Here are 10 things you should know about your home inspection process with Northerneer Building Inspections:

  1. With Northerneer as your home inspection company, we do the administrative work for you. Once you have confirmed scheduling with us, all parties involved get reminder texts and emails leading up to the inspection. On our watch, nobody gets left behind.
  2. Never hesitate to call the inspector back if you forgot what he/she said or if something wasn’t clear about the inspection. We work for you and customer service is very important to us – Always reach out.
  3. Read your Agreement – It’s in the confirmation email. The agreement explains what a home inspection is (and what it isn’t) and has all of the related fine details.
  4. The inspection appointment time is the inspector’s arrival time. Four hours are reserved at the home to complete the inspection and walk through the home with you. Being face-to-face with the inspector is important. You are welcome to come any time during the four hour block but most buyers come for the last hour as the inspector is finishing up so we can do the walk-through.
  5. A home inspector cannot certify that your well or your septic system is in compliance with the state of Minnesota’s Pollution Control Agency and the EPA. In the state of Minnesota, licensed well drillers (for wells) and state MNPCA licensed septic inspectors (for septics) are the only people who can do these two things. We strongly suggest if the home you are buying has a private well and septic that you have both systems evaluated. If you need help knowing who you should contact for this, we would be happy to give you the names of trusted local companies.
  6. Bring your family. Buying a home is a big decision and often one that takes the whole village. The inspector always encourages you to bring the kids, grand-kids, mom, dad, aunties, uncles or cousins for the walk-through hour. The more eyes and ears, the better.
  7. On the day of inspection, your report will be published by dinner time. At Northerneer, we invest in technology to be able to give this to you within a few hours of finishing up. Did you know most other inspection companies have up to a 5 day waiting period for your report? Not here, not us. You get the best.
  8. Defects are color coded in blue (small maintenance items), orange (items that may need to be fixed but are very reasonable), red (material defects of the home that could give reason to renegotiate) for easy reading. There will be clear photos and occasionally, videos of the findings. If you want to see a sample report, just let us know. We showcase the home and take pictures of the GOOD things too!
  9. When the report is published, you and your agent get a copy. You can decide with your agent how, if and when to share the report with the listing agent and seller. This is your private document.
  10. You can never ask too many questions, bug us too much or be too worried about something. We have clients that call us a year later to help them figure something out or get a referral for quality contractors. This is apart of our life-time service to you as a customer. We’re here to help.

We hope this helps answer some of your questions about the inspection process.

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