What is the inspection report summary?

What do I need to know about my report summary?

Home inspection reports are filled with a lot of fine print. Consequently, I’ve been accused of causing reading-fatigue. Ooof. Go ahead and read everything AKA the full report. However, most of what you want to know is included in your report “Summary”. It’s the meat and potatoes! (Seriously, always read the full report!) 

We all know the meat and potatoes, it’s the best part of the midwestern meal and exactly what you want other than dessert! The inspection summary is the snapshot of inspection findings that may impact the sale of the home or could warrant further discussion and negotiation. Things like a roof that’s leaking, a deck that’s collapsing, or a furnace that doesn’t work anymore. It’s also what your real estate agent wants to see more than anything else in the event he or she needs to begin further negotiations. 

a three-photo collage of various defects found in a home such as a rotten wall, moisture damage and an active water leak through the roof.

A sample excerpt of a report summary

If you’ve been on an inspection walk-through with me, chances are we went over the summary in real time on-site. Summaries are often based on the discretion of the inspector and thus our professional experience. You likely wont see a missing outlet cover or a dirty furnace filter in the report summary. 

After being in thousands of Minnesota homes, I have a very good idea about what home-buyers and real estate agents on both sides of the transaction want to know. In other words, I want my clients to be able to make a fully informed decision about the biggest purchase of their lives. Your home inspector should be able to help you discern between major and minor defect between your walk-through and the report. It’s our job. 

Curious about what my reports look like? View a sample home inspection report HERE!


Written by: Alicia Leiviska, CPINortherneer Building Inspections 


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