What is a pre-listing inspection?

Pre-listing inspections from Northerneer certify your home move-in ready – BEFORE you list your home! It catches problems before they’re problems. Therefore, the future buyers encounter very few surprises because you’ve already taken care of them. Or, at the very least, they’re revealed in the pre-inspection report. The inspection is scheduled on YOUR time with YOU present right along side the inspector. Some benefits are: 

  • 120-Day Warranty Included
  • Pre-listing inspections let you attach repair estimates or paid invoices to the inspection report.
  • Allows you to take the time to shop for competitively priced contractors and make repairs, rather than to get things done in a hurry.
  • The report may encourage the buyer to waive their own inspection contingency, so the deal is less likely to collapse. 

Having a pre-listing inspection by Northerneer deems the home officially ‘Move-In Certified’. That’s really a thing! ‘Move-In Certified’ homes are searchable on our trade associations website via Fetch Report. This gives the inspection report to anyone who visits the home for a showing. We even give you a yard sign! 

move in certified yard sign

For listing agents: 

Listing a Move-In Certified home offers a powerful marketing tool. Imagine being able to say the home has already been inspected… At your listing appointment, imagine being able to tell your potential client they can have their home inspected BEFORE they list! The benefits for listing agents are:

  • 120-Day Warranty Included
  • Your client (the seller) can schedule the inspection at their convenience. 
  • In a time when all contractors are backed up, pre-listing inspections relieve you of having to furnish contractor generated repair quotes during the brief contract window. 
  • The report can be distributed to buyers via fetchreport.com. This adds a layer of transparency to the transaction that today’s buyer needs but aren’t accustomed to. It gives the home an edge. 
  • Move-In Certified homes often warrant higher asking prices and yield better offers. 
  • The buyers may choose to waive the buyers inspection. 

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In this fast-paced real estate market, every home needs an edge. Go the extra mile and have the home Move-In Certified by Northerneer before it’s listed. 

Move-In Certified Fact Sheet

Written by: Alicia Leiviska – CPI, Northerneer Building Inspections 

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