Choosing the RIGHT Real Estate Agent

I’m going to tell you the biggest secret to choosing the RIGHT real estate agent for you. But first let me tell you a story… or four.

Excuse me while I become a Debbie-Downer for a moment…

When I started into the inspection industry, I was under the impression that most real estate agents were top-notch. I believed that they would put the client first. They’d surely be professional and tactful during the real estate transaction, right? It was assumed they’d have a basic grasp on construction styles, defects and the ins and outs of operating a home. Wouldn’t you expect that too? My expectations were abruptly met by reality within my first few weeks on the job.

1) I had an agent show up an hour late to walk-throughs in their pajamas and admit out-loud they are hung over.

2) One agent let her dog out of her SUV and told him to poop in the seller’s yard. Unsurprisingly, she never cleaned it up.

3) Another agent did not know the difference between a septic system (sewage treatment) and the well (drinking water).

4) After listening to an agent berate a seller for crying during an inspection because they (the seller) was sad to leave their home of 45 years behind, I had to politely tell him (the agent) to stop.

These incidents are almost painful to type out. My empathetic side becomes so embarrassed for the agent in these situations that I could just crawl in a hole.

What about the good ones?

As in any industry, you’re bound to encounter a few duds along the way. Did you know that more than 90% of agents do not make it in the industry?  Meeting these  agents gives me an overwhelming thankfulness for the GOOD agents. The ones who’ve worked every weekend for the last 20 years taking clients to showings. Real estate professionals who put the client first –  above the bottom line. The ones who are there to support our mutual clients in the biggest purchases of their lives. The ones who make sure the walkways are shoveled, the heat is on and the house is lit when their client comes home for the first time. Those are the heroes in this industry.

So here’s the biggest secret I know:

Call your local home inspector for agent recommendations! Tell them what area you’re looking in, what type of home you’re in the market for and I guarantee you, they’ll be more than happy to hand you over to the best real estate professionals in the industry. Inspectors are a slave to no master and we (I mean me) aren’t afraid to send you to the good ones. Ask your local inspector who they recommend.

Written by: Alicia Leiviska – CPI, Northerneer Building Inspections

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