Repair Request Builder Tutorial

Making agent’s lives easier is something I strive to do. Let me show you the Repair Request Builder which does just that. Create a repair request in under a minute. Here’s how:

Step 1

When the report is open, select “Report Tools”.

photo of the repair request builder

Step 2

In the drop-down tab, select “Repair Request Builder”.

photo of repair builder tab

Step 3

Select the individual defects you’d like the seller to address (red arrows). Click “Credit” or “Comment” to enter in a dollar amount for a potential concession or purchase price reduction or make your comments regarding a repair.

repair request builder interface

Step 4

Enter your dollar amounts or comments (red arrow). Add your desired text at the top inside the text box. Click “Preview” (circled in purple) to view the Repair Request Builder as the other party.

repair builder

Step 5

Enter the recipient’s email, subject and check that your email is correct. Edit the text body if necessary and click send.

The End

The request will look like the below with an option for them to extract a PDF Repair Request Builder as a PDF. It’s that simple!

repair report final

This feature is available on all of Northerneer’s inspection reports. When you can save time and still deliver, it increases your efficiency within the transaction. Let me know if you have further suggestions about how Northerneer can improve to serve you and our mutual clients.

If you’d like a video tutorial, take a look at the one made by our software developer: Repair Request Builder Demo. 


Written by: Alicia Leiviska – CPI, Northerneer Building Inspections

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