I am NOT the Cheapest Inspector

Let me cut right to the chase: I am not the cheapest inspector.

I don’t know about you but I am a deal-seeker, coupon using, price comparing machine! Getting something on-sale or at the cheapest price is great for groceries or school clothes but not for a home inspection. As the age old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

The value begins at scheduling

When you can order a pizza with a few clicks and have it brought right to your door, why cant the same be true for an inspection? I make that happen. (Try it out HERE!) That means you can schedule with me at any time of day, choose your date and time, see our schedule in real time and not even make a singe phone call. If I was a buyer, that would make my introverted phone-phobia suffering self very happy. Our online scheduling tool is one of our most valuable assets. When you are up against the clock and don’t have time to leave five different inspectors messages and wait for call-backs, you can just get it done in one fell swoop with us.

This is a photo of what the online scheduler looks like.

Once you’re booked – from the comfort of your own home, you get an email with the deets. Simultaneously, your agent also gets one. And the listing agent. Why is this important? When an inspection is scheduled, we need to inform the listing agent and the current home owner. I have everything in place to send off those correspondences instantly. This saves DAYS. Really. Days. And some inspection periods are as short as four days so…

The services you can choose from

When all parties are informed, you can even up-grade your inspection ala carte. At the time of this blog, I offer water testing, mold testing, radon measurement testing and life-time support. Agents: I will have more services available soon!

Safe drinking water is important for everyone. While I’m there, why not have me test the water? If any microbial (mold) growth is observed, I can take a sample right then and there for lab analysis. Testing the home for radon is strongly recommended by the department of health. Read more about Radon HERE.  

Inspection Day

On inspection day, the property is reserved for a minimum of four hours. The first three hours I use to generate the findings and the last hour or more is for YOU. Can you believe some inspectors never walk through the house with their client or invite them along? I met with the director of our local real estate association and she told me that. I had no idea. This is totally beyond me and an unacceptable practice. Not only do I spend at least an hour with you, I’m available at any time in the future for questions or support.

I’m techy. From my inspection reporting software to our infrared cameras that detect leaks and energy loss, I have the technology to give you the most value.

Here are two examples of when infrared technology came in handy. Click the photo to see the full social media post an explanation.

A photo collage of infrared images depicting a leaky basement otherwise not visible to the naked eye.   A photo collage of infrared images that detected a leaking steel roof

In most cases, I publish a same-day report. Unfortunately, the industry standard is a 3-5 day wait for the report. I don’t play that game and get it to you as soon as possible. The real estate industry waits for no one. Upon publishing, you and your agent get an email with the report.

I found out this summer that another inspector in my area is still using carbon copy reports and not taking any photos. This does a disservice to the agents who need photo proofs to negotiate repairs. It’s almost impossible. And can you imagine paying hundreds of dollars to someone, not seeing any photos and getting a smudgy yellow carbon copy snail-mailed to you a week later? Hint: Ask the inspector if they’ll be emailing the report and how long it takes to get. This is why I am not the cheapest inspector.

The follow up

Expect a follow up email or phone call to make sure you understood how to use the report. Maybe we talked contractors too? Ask me for my recommended contractors! Even if you have questions six months from now, I’ll still be here. Just give me a call.

My promise to you

I promise to give you the most value, to inspect the home as if I were buying it myself, to be transparent and to offer the best customer experience. I am not the cheapest inspector.


Don’t take my word for it. See what our clients are saying by visiting my review page.

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Written by: Alicia Leiviska – CPI, Northerneer Building Inspections

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