10 things to do while you’re in inspector school!

You did it. You made the decision to become a home inspector! Meanwhile, formal training has begun but there is still some down-time to fill. Let’s talk about ten things you can do while you’re in inspector school to boost business and fill your time effectively. (P.S. You CAN do this!)

Alicia inspecting the exterior of a house.

Here we go… 

  • Firstly, choose your business name. Don’t overthink it. Here’s a few off the top of my head as I write this blog post: Triple Peak Inspections. Blue Wave Home Inspections. Goalpost Property Services. Coniferous Home Inspections. Google your competitors to see what they’re called and be unique. (My area has a dozen inspectors within a two-hour drive and half of them have some variation of the same name.)
  • Have you logo designed. You want to stand out. This is another thing to look up about your competitors. Stay away from houses and magnifying glasses in your logo – They all have that. Be different. 
  • Set up your “Google My Business” listing, Facebook Business Suite and Instagram. Many inspectors also choose to post to Tiktok, Yelp, Inspectopia and other social media or business directories. Use the platform scheduling tools to schedule out your content. I spend about 2 hours a month making 15-20 social posts and then scheduling them to post. It’s a worthy investment of your time. (And you, yea you, don’t roll your eyes at me, your clients are on social media at all hours of the day, be there too.) Once you’re in the field, you’ll have more content to create from. Have you ever looked up someone’s business page on social media and they haven’t posted since 2016? It makes you wonder if they’re even open. Don’t be that guy (or girl). Give this model a try just to get things rolling: 
  1. Monday – Funny real estate, construction or inspection meme.
  2. Tuesday- *Optional* Tag a local business you support. Add a photo of you there. Or better yet, give them a review. 
  3. Wednesday – Your photo of the week with caption (this can be from your own home or even a friend’s inspection company. GFCI, plumbing, roof, garage framing, windows etc). 
  4. Thursday – Share something another inspector shared on their public business page. (Share their post, don’t steal their content.)
  5. Friday – *Optional* Helpful blog post written by you or your trade school. 
  6. Saturday – Inspirational meme. 
  7. Sunday – *Optional* A secondary photo from your week. 
  • While you’re in inspector school,  “test drive” different inspection software platforms. I use Spectora but there are many others out there to choose from. I chose my current software because I wanted to be able to generate my report as I am inspecting to cut my desk time back. The ability to auto-generate emails to clients and agents was appealing too. It saves me hours each week not having to initiate the first contacts. Most importantly, my clients are able to self-schedule online. 
  • Make a list of the basic tools you will need at most inspections. Things like a flashlight, ladder and an outlet tester to name a few. Price the equipment out so you know how far these tools will set you back. When I was first starting out, I used this list from InterNACHI: Tool List.
  • Tell your 25 closest friends and family that you are starting a business. Explain why you want to be an inspector. Ask them to help get your name out there and to share your posts. As a result, you may get an inspection or two. 
  •  Have a stack of business cards printed. Business cards are very inexpensive and easy to design. I used InterNACHI to design mine. However, my secondary go-to is Vistaprint. 
  • Have a collared shirt embroidered with your logo. Above all, looking professional is an absolute MUST. I use Queensborough but check with your local embroidery and t-shirt shops first. They may have more options for you and shorter lead times.
  • Inspect your family and friend’s houses. Many inspectors leave one career and transition into inspection with little to no experience. This is totally fine and why trade schools exist. That is to say, nothing beats real field experience to test out those different types of inspection software.
  • Pack your work vehicle. For example, I’ve found that having my ladders easily accessible is key. I use a plastic storage “dresser” to organize my literature, spare tools and miscellaneous. Therefore, you safe time being organized. Also, pick up a good tool bag and a tool belt.

I’m confident this list of things you can do while you’re in inspector school will prove useful.

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Written by: Alicia Leiviska – CPI, Northerneer Building Inspections

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